Print Publications

Dr. Lesser’s writings have been published in scholarly journals such as Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, General Music Today, ProQuest, TEMPO Magazine, Teaching Music, and the Journal of Sound and Music in Games.

Below are listed a partial selection of Dr. Lesser’s works. For the full list, download Dr. Lesser’s Curriculum Vitae.

Lesser, A. (2020). Educating students without technological resources. Teaching Music, 28(1), 60–62.

Lesser, A. (2020). An investigation of digital game-based software in the elementary general music classroom. Journal of Sound and Music in Games, 1(2), 1–24.

Lesser, A. (2019). Reflections on continuing education: Process and progress. Tempo, 73(3), 50–51.

Lesser, A. (2019). Video game instruction and learning in the music classroom (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest. (UMI #13427524).

Lesser, A. (2017). Music education in the political arena. Tempo, 71(3), 42–43.

Lesser, A. (2017). Analysis of a music affective behavior scale. Tempo, 71(2), 52–55.

Lesser, A. (2016). Toward a new vision of equality: Perspectives of male teachers in the elementary music classroom. Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, 1(8), 1–9. doi:10.1177/8755123316661854

Lesser, A. (2016). Teachers’ perspectives in using Disney songs in the music classroom. General Music Today, 30(1), 25–29. doi:10.1177/1048371316641987

If you wish to obtain a copy of an article, please send a request to Dr. Lesser by visiting the Contact page.